Director of Communication Team

Here is Vansh Gehlot, a high school student from India who joined us as the Director of Communication. Here goes some more information about him:

Vansh solves problems in creative ways. He has learned the importance of applying classical strategies to modern-day projects, loves creating positive change in our world. Vansh firmly believes that no matter how small the impact of positive change we induce in society, it makes a difference.

He is very interested in ML and enthusiastic to learn about its applications in various fields like crime detection, predicting diseases like cancer and Parkinson's, use of Big Data to target ads, self-driving cars, creation of unique art and music, proficient in Python.

- He enjoys challenges that enable me to grow. He likes to find application in what is taught to him and uses Feynman and Pomodoro techniques to learn as quickly as possible.

- He cherishes working in a challenging environment where he can put his best efforts and knowledge to reach the goals and objectives and to do apex of his career in the process.

- He loves connecting with people and knows about their community and has a keen interest in their past projects and endeavors.

- He relishes public speaking, learning new languages, and traveling. Playing volleyball is also something he is really passionate about!


Vansh is always open for synergies and collaborations;

he is just an email away!

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